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Best SEO & digital Marketing Tools in 2023 For Agency-Level Analysis, Reports & Lead Generation.

Updated: Jan 25

WebCEO is a set of professional online SEO tools, all on a single platform and loved by agencies, corporate marketing departments and freelancers. It is a fast, time-saving, stable service - we hope you will agree. The platform is constantly evolving year after year - WebCEO sets the trends in the SEO industry. Our aim is to create software that will fully satisfy the SEO needs of small businesses, international corporations and SEO agencies. So far we've been very successful at this.

  • 23 Must-Have Online SEO Tools, All In One Place

  • Branded SEO Reports, Scanned and Published on a Schedule

  • A Turn-Key White-Label SEO Platform on Your Own Domain

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SEO Tools for Keyword Research & Rank Tracking

  • Monitor your site rankings + those of your competitors on 370+ local and global search engines. Narrow the data down to a precise location: country, state/region, city, or even zip code

  • Get a high level breakdown of the ranking data for your chosen period + compare to any period

  • Receive information about every type of ranking results: Google Ads, Places, Images, Videos, News, Hotels, Shopping, Knowledge panel & Featured snippets

  • Find your top online competitors who use your keywords

  • Compare your rankings to those of your competitors

  • Group your keywords by assigning tags to them

  • Use filters to display relevant information in your reports


  • Find the most effective keywords gathered from 4 different sources: Google Ads Keyword Planner, Google autocomplete, Related searches, "People also ask"

  • Harvest the keywords you’ve already been getting traffic for from your Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) account

  • Collect additional keyword ideas from your competitors' sites

Online SEO Tools for Site Audit


  • Check your website for broken links and images

  • Scan pages and folders disallowed in the robots.txt

  • Find and identify page access issues

  • Improve your website usability and indexability


  • Strengthen the theme of your site's content and your ranking in semantic search with the Internal Link Text Analysis tool

  • Find your most authoritative pages and spread their authority across your site with Page Authority Analysis

  • Track how much link authority is given and taken by your pages using Landing Page Analysis


  • Run an SEO audit online and receive helpful advice for fixing all detected issues

  • Test how effectively you are using on-page elements: title, description, H1-H4 tags, ALT attributes etc.

  • Measure your page loading speed and mobile friendliness level

  • Benefit from an optimization report covering all SEO-important page areas


  • Create an XML sitemap for your site in a matter of minutes

  • Monitor the indexation of your sitemap pages by search engines


  • Discover the competing URLs that score the best for your pool of keywords

  • See detailed stats on each competitor to understand how they outperformed you

  • Run an on-page keyword analysis and research the keyword usage of each competitor

  • Get SEO content advice for each analyzed page based on the performance of your competitors

Online SEO Tools for Link Earning


  • View the Linking Domains which have given you backlinks

  • Check your individual Backlinks and their usefulness

  • Get a report on your recently Lost Backlinks and restore the most valuable ones

  • Run a check on the Link Texts to analyze their quality and find the ones that need correcting

  • Discover your Most Linked Pages which you can use to spread authority across your site

  • Detect and remove unnatural backlinks using the Toxic Pages report


Monitor important backlinks and their parameters (the linking page's Google rankings, keywords in the anchor texts, user-agent cloaking, 'nofollow' attribute, crawling disallowance in robots.txt file etc.)


  • 85+ niche directories and content submission sites

  • 35+ blog communities and search engines

  • 30+ local websites and directories

  • 10 shopping search engines


  • Find sites that link to your competitors, but don't link to you yet

  • Detect the external pages with the highest authority who can provide the best backlinks

Traffic Analysis SEO Tools


  • Receive data from Google Analytics faster and easier by integrating your account with WebCEO’s online SEO platform

  • Discover how many users/sessions were brought to your website by different sources over time

  • Perform precise traffic analysis narrowed down to geo position and language


  • See the top search queries that bring visitors to your site due to the integrated Google Search Console tool (formerly Webmaster Tools)

  • Determine which keywords are the most effective based on their impressions and clicks

  • Filter your incoming traffic by country, device, type of content (web, image, video)


  • Get a high-grade summary of your advertising campaigns’ performance as to Clicks, CPC, Cost, Conversions, etc

  • Receive comprehensive insights on how specific Ad Groups operate and how much value they bring to your metrics

  • Analyze the keywords you have chosen for your Ad Groups and see those your website was found with

  • See how much you have spent and received with your YouTube video campaigns

Google Business Profile Integration

  • Check how much exposure (searches, map views, customer actions) your local business is getting

  • View and manage your customer reviews

  • Find your local competitors and their data

Get detailed reports on your local SEO campaign provided by WebCEO's Google Business Profile module

Social Media Analytics


  • See the results of your Facebook campaigns and how users interact with your updates

  • Discover posts which drive the most user engagement: comment, reactions, shares

  • Get a detailed analysis of your Facebook audience's demographics

  • Find hot topics that your competitors are using to promote themselves


  • Track social activity around the links to your pages on Facebook and Pinterest

  • Compare your social media engagement to your competitors' to set realistic benchmarks for your brand

  • Evaluate social activity effectiveness using data from Google Analytics


  • Monitor the mentions of your brand on news sites and blogs

  • Track hot topics in your industry

  • Check Twitter Buzz for posts about you or your chosen topics

SEO Tools for Competitor Metrics

  • Identify your most successful and dangerous online competitors

  • Estimate how many prospects your competitors may have with the Competitor Traffic Overview report

  • See your site's performance in search engines compared to its competitors

  • Compare your social citations against those of your competitors

  • View competitor site rankings and how close you are to outranking them

Get Full SEO Data on Your Competitors!

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